The Richard Carter Series

Tales of Obsession

Evolution of the Series 

Richard Carter is a former Marine enrolled in criminology classes as the first story opens. Suffering from PTSD, although he refuses to acknowledge it, he has dreams of becoming an FBI agent. That ambition is derailed in the first story. As the stories continue, he goes through painful adjustments and attains a career in law enforcement—of sorts. These stories chronicle the career and family life of Carter as he matures from bumbling amateur sleuth and becomes experienced investigator and criminologist in rural Hawthorn County, Missouri.

The stories (except for the first, Bonne Femme) take place in the Missouri Ozarks. Each of the novels is a tale of obsession. Some are mysteries, others suspense and terror.

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Call Her "Sabine"


          Aren't two suspicious drownings and the disappearance of a co-ed jogger within the space of two weeks too much violence for a sleepy rural community to be coincidence?    



            Why has a respected banker, his daugter, and a "rainbow person" each been murdered in the woods of Hawthorn County?  What do the deaths have to do with Civil War atrocities and family lore?

Road Shrines


          What better place to hide a body than in a rural cemetery?  What better way to remember someone than to erect a roadside cross?  

Cold Fury


           What does murder by exposure have to do with a long forgotten double homicide and the disappearance of Richard Carter's friend, deputy Ron Guidry? 
The Grass Widow's Daughter
          What has happened to the small town girl with such a bright future ahead of her?  Her car has been found abandoned in the cemetery of an Ozark ghost town area known as "The Irish Wilderness."  

The Other Law
The story is in process at this time.