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Cold Fury Reviews
Rating 4.66 Stars

G. Jackson reviewed Cold Fury (The Richard Carter Novels Book 9)
Another fabulous installment in the series! March 14, 2015
“Cold Fury” is the ninth installment of the Richard Carter series. No worries if you haven’t read the previous eight. This one is completely enjoyable as a stand-alone. The mystery begins when Ron Guidry, officer for Hawthorne County, finds a dead body. The frozen corpse of a 20 year old man wan was found naked in a cabin. No immediate identification could be made. The cause of death was determined to due to extreme hypothermia. A strange combination of drugs were found in John Doe’s system including a sleep aid, a sex intensifier and acetone used by “huffers”. Ron is assigned to the case while Richard works and AWOL/missing persons case at the behest of the State’s Attorney.

I enjoyed the dynamics between Richard and Ron. Ron Guidry is every bit as good of an investigator as Richard Carter though the two have completely different backgrounds and investigative methods. They live two entirely different lifestyles. Richard has his wife, Jill and daughter, Mirabelle. They also have a new addition to the family on the way. Adopted family members, Shane and Raven, complete Richard’s loving home. Ron has a hooker named Shannon.

When Ron spontaneously requires 2 weeks in the middle of the John Doe investigation the Captain assumes it is because he won’t let Ron run the investigation as he desires. Richard begins poking around into Ron’s whereabouts after no one hears from him for a few too many days. The circumstances of Ron’s disappearance become more mysterious when another body is found in a manner similar to the John Doe.
“Cold Fury” is the most complex of the Richard Carter novels that I have read. There are several different storylines and sub-plots taking place. It kept my mind very busy but is written smoothly enough to not overwhelm. This installment incorporates some of the craziest women I have come across in the series. The story will take you through some wicked twists and turns that you will not see coming. Another fabulous and fulfilling murder-mystery from AR Simmons!
J Simmons reviewed Cold Fury (The Richard Carter Novels Book 9)
GREAT BOOK November 26, 2014
It's a roller coaster of emotions and has you on the edge of ur seat the whole!! GREAT BOOK WRITTEN BY A GREAT AUTHOR!!! 2 THUMBS UP!!!
Carol Lewis Swain "C.S. Lewis" reviewed Cold Fury (The Richard Carter Novels Book 9)
As usual ... December 11, 2014
AR Simmons has yet another fine story, this one just written to be read while curled against the winter's cold. Richard Carter, his family and friends are great companions!