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Devilry Reviews
Rating 5 Stars

J Simmons reviewed Devilry (The Richard Carter Novels Book 7)
ANOTHER HOME RUN!!!!! April 27, 2014
I have read all the books in this series and I loved everyone of them, it would be hard to pick my favorite! Great story and another home run for AR SIMMONS!!

G. Jackson reviewed Devilry (The Richard Carter Novels Book 7)

  FAVE! March 14, 2015

“Devilry” is book seven in the Richard Carter series. Don’t let the series number scare you. Even if you have not read another   Richard Carter book you will have no problem enjoying this one as a stand-alone. This book is so good that I am going to have to use the “F” word… my Favorite thus far. As a history lover, I was thrilled with the Civil War side-storyline that complimented sections of this present day murder-mystery set in the Missouri Ozarks.

A young man discovers two dead bodies at the start of deer season. Hiram and Margaret Stout, father and daughter, appeared to have been shot. The Stouts are one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the County. Cyrus Stout, patriarch, is known to be a hard-ass and somewhat tyrannical. He runs his family like a business with some very antiquated beliefs and practices. Hiram was his eldest son and first in line to inherit his father’s kingdom. Fortunately Cyrus had an heir and a spare. Second son, Berlin, was now the new heir and Berlins son, Harrison, after him. As Richard Carter works to determine suspects AR Simmons gives the reader an intimate look at the Stout family and its dynamics. Before Richard Carter has time to solve the Stout murders another body is discovered, lynched and burned. Are these murders connected? They both have very different elements but is there a common denominator? Who had the greatest motive to commit these murders?

I absolutely loved this book. AR Simmons has done a marvelous job of creating another intensely interesting and entertaining mystery novel! Simmons writes substantial novels and "Devilry" will have you turning pages for hours. As events and clues unfold and come together you will not want to put this book down. The Stouts, particularly Cyrus, were fascinating. I loathed the old man but pitied him at the same time. Definitely not a character I will forget anytime soon. Brilliantly written, well edited (not a single typo or grammatical error noticed) and perfectly formatted. If you are seeking a great mystery infused with a bit of history this is the perfect book.