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Cold Fury was inspired by a local cold case murder. As the story developed, however, it became purely fictional, veering far from the real story. That was fine with me. I have never attempted, nor do I intend to plunge into the true crime genre. My training is in history, and I have no doubt that I possess  the skills to research such a story. However, I prefer to entertain with something other than other people's real suffering. It's a personal taste. I greatly admire those of my colleagues who pull it off. Since I don't want to add to a survivor's pain, it is no mere convention when I write in the disclaimer that my stories are purely fictional and do not represent any real person, living or dead.
The real case did set me to thinking. In this ninth novel, I decided to explore the aftermath of a crime. Sometimes, as in the Civil War vignettes found in Devilry, a horrific deed begets more horrific deeds. In this story, it begets madness. To say more would spoil the plot.