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The Books
The Richard Carter Series is now offered both in eBook format and in Paperback. Electronic publishing is not the wave of the future. It is the present. There will always be a place for physical books, however. The main drawback to physical copies is theire necessarily higher price. Mine are sold at just under $10. Of coures, they do not run out of charge. On the other hand, they take up a lot of space, and must be shipped by snail mail. We offer both e-books and paperbacks through Amazon. The e-books are reasonably priced at less than $2, and are available for your Kindle instantly.


The Writer
AR Simmons is an indie author, with neither an agent, a publicist, a business manager, nor a traditional publishing house. That is not entirely good. He could certainly use help on the marketing side. He is, alas, adverse to bean-counting and obsessed with story-telling. Well, artists are flighty and old men set in their ways. But hey, he did pick up on that e-Book thing.
Okay. You caught me. Enough of the third person. It works well in novels, but when writing about oneself, it's a bit stilted. The thing is, I'm not a maverick set on smashing traditional publishing. Marketing is what it is all about. Successful writers are where they are because they have paid their dues and earned all the recognition they get. I am an indie because it lets me do what I care about: tell stories worth living. I would like nothing more than for you to plop down two bucks, read one of these stories, and then put in your two cents by writing reader review.

My Genre
I write Suspense. Some of the stories are Mysteries. Some are Crime novels. Some are Psychological Thrillers. I even have Romance elements. (Did I really just admit that?) Well, I'm a bit of a romantic, so that's that. What all the stories have is suspenseful climax scenes, often with hell's-a-poppin' action.
While we're going on about genre, let me tell you about what you are in for. Bonne Femme is a psychological thriller with a strong but subdued romance tone. Cold Tears is a mystery that is also a tale of redemption. Canaan Camp is a straight-out crime thriller story. Secret Song is a mystery. The King Snake is also a mystery, but also a suspense story. Call Her Sabine is a mystery/suspense story written from outside and inside the mystery. Devilry is a straight-forward investigative mystery. Road Shrines is a serial killer mystery. Cold Fury is another investigative mystery. The Daughter is an investigative mystery with a courtroom ending (and a final twist). Journey Man is both a serial killer mystery and a suspense story with a horrific ending. Devil's Run has Richard, Ron, and Kit racing to find a serial arsonist as something truly evin burns through Hawthorn County. And The Playpretty is a kidnapping mystery involving a poor, but bright girl trying to rise above her poverty and family reputation.
Truth in Advertising
I have been honest in classifying each book's genre. Now comes a warning: do not expect straight linear plots. Nor should you expect bare narration of events. These characters have a setting. They have lives and relationships. Other things go on while the mystery/suspense is playing itself out. Some of the books are long (over 100,000 words). So what? Electronic publishing need not worry over pounds of paper and barrels of ink. And the reader? Does he really want a good story to be over quickly?
Along with the current case that Richard is working on, the Carters have lives. They have little and big dramas to work through as the main story proceeds. When something happens in a story, it may be Kafka's gun, a red herring, or simply a slice of life. So be it. The series must be told as well as the current story. After all, our lives have many chapters. And like ours, some of the Carters' chapters are funny, some tragic, some magic.
A reviewer complained that one book had too many minor characters for her taste. Well, I'm not going to argue with her. After all, she was good enough to read my book and review it. And in the immortal words of Doctor Hook, "Some folks like ham hocks, and some folks like pork chops, and some folks like vegetable soup." All I can say is that each character is there for a purpose, and they are distinct enough to keep straight.
A Note Concerning Language, Violence, and Sex
These stories are adult themed, and are meant for adult readers. I studiously avoid explicit sex scenes and graphic violence. I also limit the profane language to that necessary for realistic dialog. You may be able to handle rougher stuff than this, but I can't. (My mother might read it.) Seriously, I consider extreme profanity and overly graphic depiction as crutches. Surely the reader has an imagination sufficient to "get the picture." Trust me. You will find the action sufficient and the dialog descriptive.
 The Characters
Stop where you are if you have not read Bonne Femme.
Okay. So you're reading on. The stories begin with the return on Richard Carter, an ex-Marine traumatized by events in Somalia. Throughout the stories, he refuses to admit what is obvious to everyone around him: he suffers with (and managers to varying degrees) PTSD. For all his experiences, Richard is naive. Flashbacks and horrible dreams plague him on and off. What really haunts him, however, is something that happened to him in Africa, something he insists on remembering as something he did, something he cannot forgive himself for. He is, however, stronger than he thinks.
Jill Belbenoit is a French girl attending college in Michigan. Her American ex-pat grandfather came from the area. (Her fate is what Bonne Femme is all about.) Jill is an extremely intelligent woman who is tougher and much more intuitive than Richard. They get married at the end of Bonne Femme. (I warned you about spoilers.)
The rest of the stories are played out(approximately one a year) as the Carters develop as life partners and friends. At the end of the third story, Mirabelle is born. Along with each story, the story of the Carter family grows. As you read about them, remember the yin and yang, the male and female strengths (and weaknesses). These two need each other.
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