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The Books
The Richard Carter Series is available in eBook format ($1.99) and in paperback ($9.99) through Amazon. They are also available free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

The Writer
AR Simmons is an indie author, with neither an agent, a publicist, a business manager, nor a traditional publishing house. He could certainly use help on the marketing side. Plop down two bucks, read one of his stories, and then write a reader review.

The Genre
Most of the stories are Mysteries. Some are pure Suspense. They have elements of Crime novels, Psychological Thrillers, and even Romance. elements. All have intense climax scenes, some with hell's-a-poppin' action. Although each novel is a stand-alone story, there is considerable back story. There are elements of police procedural genre, and the tone is somewhere between cozy and hard-boiled.
The books are best enjoyed if read in order, but each has sufficient back story to be a stand-alone tale.
A warning: do not expect simple linear plots. The series is a family saga, with each story set a year after the previous one as Richard and Jill's relationship evolves and their daughter Mirabelle matures. Characters are added, and our protagonists accrue wounds and scars as they make their way through each story. Don't expect bare narration of events. These characters have lives and relationships. Other things go on while the mystery/suspense is playing itself out. The Carters have lives to live. They have large and small dramas to work through as the main story proceeds. When something happens in a story, it may be "Kafka's gun," a red herring, or simply a slice of life. So be it. After all, lives have many chapters. Like ours, some of the Carters' chapters are funny, some tragic, some magic.
A reviewer complained about too many minor characters in one of the books. I'll not argue with someone who was good enough to read and review my books. All I can say is that each character has a purpose and they is a distinct person.
Concerning Language, Violence, and Sex
These stories are meant for adult readers. However, you will find neither sex scenes nor graphic violence. There is mild profanity, but it is limited to that necessary for realistic dialog. You may be able to handle rougher stuff than this, but I cannot. I consider profanity and graphic depictions of sex and violence to be crutches. I trust that you will find the action and the dialog descriptive enough to hold your interest.
 The Characters
Stop where you are if you have not read BONNE FEMME.
Okay. So you're reading on. The stories begin with the return on Richard Carter, an ex-Marine traumatized by events in Somalia. Throughout the stories, he refuses to admit what is obvious to everyone around him: he suffers with (and managers to varying degrees) PTSD. For all his experiences, Richard is naive. Flashbacks and horrible dreams plague him on and off. What really haunts him, however, is something that happened to him in Africa, something he insists on remembering as something he did, something he cannot forgive himself for. He is, however, stronger than he thinks.
Jill Belbenoit is a French girl attending college in Michigan. Her American ex-pat grandfather came from the area. (Her fate is what Bonne Femme is all about.) Jill is an extremely intelligent woman who is tougher and much more intuitive than Richard. They get married at the end of Bonne Femme. (I warned you about spoilers.)
The rest of the stories occur at approximately one-year intervals as the Richard and Jill evolve as life partners, lovers, and friends. As you get to know them, you will see the yin and yang, the male and female strengths (and weaknesses). These two need each other.
At the end of the third story, Canaan Camp, Mirabelle is born.
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