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Cold Fury
Richard Carter's friend and colleague Deputy Ron Guidry discovers "The Popsicle," a nude man who has frozen to death. Until they discover the man's identity (and because of budget restraints) the sheriff refuses to authorize his traveling out of county. Grumbling and upset, he takes the vacation time he is due. Believing that it was more than just "sex thing gone wrong," Guidry decides to conduct his investigation on his own dime and without informing anyone.
When he doesn't return, Richard retraces his colleague's personal investigation and ends up in the Bootheel of southeast Missouri, where he encounters a DEA narc (undercover agent) who tries to help him in his search for Guidry. But is Richard being helped or "managed?"
Did Guidry stumbe into something involving the drug trade?
Richard follows his friend's "cold trail*" that leads to an extremely cold case involving the murder of twin coeds. But what can they have to do with Guidry's disappearance?
*Culture Note: "Cold Trailing" is what a dog is doing when he follows the scent of a rabbit that has passed several hours or even days ago. When the dog hits a "Hot Trail," he often "Jumps" a rabbit. At that point the dog is running by sight rather than scent.