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Road Shrines
Two bodies in one grave? When an unauthorized exhumation turns up a fresh body hidden in Baskie Cemetery, everyone knows it's murder, of course. When more turn up, it is obvious that a serial killer has been using the cemetery as a dumpsite . . . for a long time. When one of the bodies is identified as that of a powerful Senator's daughter who disappeared in South Dakota almost two decades ago, the FBI takes over the case and shuts Richard Carter out of the case.
He and Deputy Woodie Koeltz from Westphalia, Missouri (where the first victim to be found lived) can only watch from the sidelines. While hoping to help in the FBI investigation, she helps Richard on the case of a missing girl, a habitual run-away. Their investigation leads to an Emo group led by a young poser who identifies with "The Gardener," as the news media has dubbed the serial killer.