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Rating 4.33 Stars

Carol Swain Lewis "C.S. Lewis" reviewed Secret Song (The Richard Carter Novels Book 4)

I Am A Carter fan! March 19, 2014
I have been reading the books and enjoying each one! These thrillers fill the bill. More to come, one can hope!
reviewed Secret Song (The Richard Carter Novels Book 4)
Too-Many-Character-Itis July 23, 2014
Kathy's Review:

Secret Song suffers from an ailment commonly known as Too-Many-Character-Itis. Symptoms include a multitude of characters, most of whom have no standout traits, a storyline that flip-flops from character to character, sometimes not identifying who we are following, and bouts of characters stuck in their own heads, musing on this and that.

When a book suffers from this ailment, it is tough for me, as a reader, to become invested. I’d like to sit and learn more about each character that the author wants me to care about, and then move on. Not that there’s not a time and place for a meandering plot -- the element of suspense definitely calls for it. However, I tried to tough through as best as I could, and there are some bright spots, for sure:

1. Attention to detail. Simmons paints a vivid picture, using very descriptive words around places. I wish this applied to the people, as well.

2. Mystery. I want to know what happened to the girl whose body is found at the beginning of the story and how it ties in to the current action. Like a good author, Simmons makes me wait. Once Simmons gives me the goods, the actions moves fast and furious.

3. The premise for an interesting story. I’m not saying it’s executed well but the premise is there.

I was disappointed in the way things turned out with this one. It seemed like the theme was going to be one of redemption and it didn’t turn out that way at all. Also, the Secret Song aspect of the story should have been shown in flashbacks or through the character’s own thoughts. It wasn’t fully explained what this was.

Good … not great, I’d say.
J Simmons reviewed Secret Song (The Richard Carter Novels Book 4)
Another bestseller!!!! December 5, 2013
Love this series!!!! Can't seem 2 stop reading, the whole book had u on the edge of your seat!!! A must read!


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