Web Fiction Guide Editor's first impression of the story was that it merited 4 stars. One of their reviewers implied (I put it mildly) that it only deserved 2 stars. Ouch! Fortunately, a second reviewer seems to have given it 4 stars again. Well, two out of three ain't bad. Give it a read, and make up your own mind.

The King Snake
When the second drug user is killed in Hawthorn County, everyone wonders what is going on. Both were "nobodies." That is to say that they weren't important enough for those dealing drugs to kill. It made a certain kind of sense if one was killed, but not two. And the manner of the murder didn't fit with a drug industry killing. They were killed by a sniper. Only someone who "knew something" would merit a professional hit. But as Guidry tells Richard, "Like drug-related crimes are supposed to make sense?"
Because of the killings, Richard is asked to join the Ozark Foothills Task Force by Deputy Scott Berman of Ripley County. The snipings continue, eventually targeting someone higher in the drug business. Still, there is no solid lead.

Matters are complicated when a local newspaper claims police connivance in the murders. Then the sniper targets law enforcement. The editor/owner of the scandal sheet, The Wilderness Voice, christens the sniper with a nickname, "The King Snake," in reference to the King Snakes habit of eating other snakes, even those of its own kind.
Who will be the next target? What is really going on?