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 Richard Carter

The Blue Creek novels are a mixture of suspense and mystery stories, each of which deals with obsession.

Richard Carter suffers PTSD stemming from his experiences as a Marine. As he says, "No one ever goes to war and comes out the better for it." He is chronically haunted, but not morose. His story is one of on-going redemption with recurring episodes of depression and self-loathing.

As an investigator, his genius is not brilliance, intuition, or analytical proficiency. It is obsessive-compulsive persistence. 


        " Are you okay?" he asked as he approached the fire.
        " What a strange thing to ask," she said.  " How could I be?"

                            —Richard and Jill on the island, Bonne Femme




Adult Themed Mystery/Suspense

Note to Parents

 There is little overtly graphic violence and no explicit sex depicted in these stories.  Profanity is kept to a minimum consistent with believable dialog.